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Sophomore Year – 10th Grade

(Coaches cannot call or write you yet, only send general information and camp information, so don’t be disappointed if you write a coach and they do not write you back)
  • If you already have some colleges in mind, review the list of courses that the colleges say are required for a student to be considered for admission.
  • Talk to older students about the classes that they have found beneficial.
  • Keep a record of ALL your academic and athletic achievements and statistics, and update your resume.
  • Apply for a social security number if you don’t already have one! College applications will require you to have one.

  • Work with your counselor to determine appropriate majors/courses to best prepare you for such careers
  • Take PSAT 

  • Evaluate your test scores and seek assistance in areas of weakness
  • Spring Sophomore year
• Investigate the courses and education required for emerging careers.
  • Update your player profile/resume and send to coaches with an appropriate cover letter.
  • Visit college campuses while on Spring Break if you can
  • Explore Summer opportunities like summer ID camps.
  • Review NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility requirements. The summer before your junior year, register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Suggestions for Summer:
  • Look for jobs that are available.
  • Join NBEFC Leadership Program