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Beginning spring 2018, NorthBay Elite FĂștbol Club (NBEFC) will be offering a youth recreational program for 5-12 y/o soccer players (boys and girls). We invite you to enroll your son or daughter in our exciting new program. The recreational program will be offered during the spring season (April-June) and fall months (September-November).

The purpose of the NorthBay recreational league is to provide younger players the opportunity to properly learn and begin the first steps of Player Formation. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions are: 

What is the league format? 

The league format is a 5v5 model. We take futsal (indoor court soccer) and bring the game outdoors to create an environment that builds the fastest and most profound soccer initiation/formation. This style of play allows all players to be engaged physically, technically, cognitively and allows them to learn soccer IQ much faster than traditional league formats. 

Is there a tryout process?
No. There is no tryout process. This program is open to all players of age 5-12 y/o boys and girls. 
How do I know if this is right for my son or daughter?
If you're looking for a program that is driven to offer a great soccer experience with player initiation and formation in mind this is is the place. 
The program will focus on promoting your child’s love of the game and individual technical skills. At this age, the child’s enjoyment and commitment to the game should be the most important factor; not necessarily physical or athletic attributes.
What is the game schedule like?

Participants will have two practices a week.  One will be with their team led and facilitated but their volunteer coach. The second training will a technical training led and facilitated but NBEFC licensed club coaches. Games will be on Saturdays.  All practices and games will be in Suisun or at Laure Creek park in Fairfield. 

Who will be overseeing the league?
The league is managed by our in-house professionally licensed coach and program director Al Arevalo. He has used this model with much success. He has over 15 years of experience in managing, coaching, and facilitating a soccer school and league. 
What is the cost?
$127.00.  The cost will cover uniform, player card, and league fee.

Can I request a friend? 

Yes. During online registration, you will be asked if you have a friend request. Just follow the steps and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
What about parent coaches and volunteers?
Volunteer coaches and parent team leaders will still be needed for team organization, just like regular recreational soccer. The program is not meant to replace volunteers but to supplement and help them and the program. Rosters sizes will be 8-9 players per team for all age divisions. 
Who can I call with more questions?
If you have any more questions, please feel free to send a text to (707) 219-8600.


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