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Welcome to the NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy. We are excited to provide each player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun, enjoyment and skill. It is an alternative to our recreational team programs and offers players age 5-11 years old the opportunity for advanced team development in soccer.

As the game of soccer continues to evolve, we realize the area that requires urgent improvement is our youngest recreational age groups. The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy is committed to bringing more technical expertise into the U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 and U12 programs, creating a curriculum of instruction specific to developmental needs at each age group level. The quality of development at these age groups becomes a key contributor to player success at the competitive level. The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy has the focused objective of developing players of all skill levels, and preparing those players for the game at our Club’s competitive level.

The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy program is a bridge to our competitive program; as such the program demands qualified, experienced coaches get more involved with running the program for the youngest ages. As we all know player development is a long journey. We must be patient in our approach, but we must also ensure that we start navigating the long journey in the right direction-The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy will provide that direction.

The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy program is a unique and cutting edge program. We recognize that in an Academy, true player development focuses on the improvement of the individual player, not the development of the team. Although team unity and cohesion are very important, the primary objective will be the growth of each player from the U6-U12 age group level. Knowing the importance of individual player growth at these ages The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy has implemented a unique pool training system.

The innovative NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy pool structure allows for an equitable opportunity for each academy player to develop within the program. Players will be rostered in groups according to ability with an understanding that players develop at different rates. Player identification and rostering will be a collective effort between the coaches in charge of the age group. The pool structure allows for the opportunity for players to move in and out of pools and into the competitive club.

The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy curriculum follows a progressive model based on key developmental needs that have been identified for each age group. The seasonal academy program is divided into modules made up of a 10 week progressive curriculum that focuses on technical development, applied technique through small sided games, and tactical awareness in game situations. The Academy coaching staff will follow the 10 week progressive coaching curriculum developing the technical, tactical, physical and mental components of the game in an age appropriate manner. The innovative progressive curriculum structure ensures solid player foundations and the development of all four player components in a way specific to each player’s age, skill level and developmental needs.

The NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy addresses key pitfalls in traditional Academy programs with the innovative pool structure and progressive curriculum that focuses on age appropriate, player focused development. We believe the key to preparing players for the competitive level is ensuring that there is every opportunity to develop in a way specific to each player’s developmental needs in an environment that is FUN, challenging, but most importantly rewarding for everyone involved.

The fundamental ideas inherent in the NorthBay Elite Soccer Academy curriculum are the following:
1) Teaching the techniques of soccer utilizing a combination of "fun games” and "active, game-related repetition"
2) Providing an enjoyable environment which builds ALL Players' self esteem
3) Setting seasonal goals defined by the degree of technical development, improvement
of fundamental tactical awareness, as well as retention
4) Developing seasonal goals and objectives through a progressive 8 week curriculum structure that facilitates optimal player development
5) Trying to instill in the players the notion that we should always try to win our games, however, the true game result is HOW WELL YOU PLAY and how much you improve
6) Committing to the concept that the purpose of youth athletics is not to develop
athletes, but to develop youth.
We are excited to offer this amazing new opportunity to your child and look forward to seeing them improve and progress within the NothBay Elite Soccer Academy.  

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